Hard Money

Arizona Hard Money Loans

Hard money loans, or private money loans, are one of Mortgage Capital’s specialties. We offer hard money loans for all areas of Arizona, including Phoenix, Tucson, Scottsdale, and Flagstaff. When the banks cannot approve your Arizona loan request or respond quickly enough, our private money lending programs can provide you with the funds you need with flexible terms. MC&I offers in-house hard money loans as well as broker financing. With broker financing, we will help you find a lender that offers the private money loan program you need. We offer a diverse assortment of hard money loan programs with which we have extensive experience. When you pursue a hard money loan with MC&I, you will deal with some of the foremost experts in the industry who will supply you with the knowledge and guidance you need to succeed.


What Are Arizona Hard Money Loans?

A hard money loan is a form of asset-based borrowing that deals with real estate financing and lending for other types of projects. With private money lending, the borrower must present assets to use as collateral. Moreover, the borrower must have a need for capital when traditional financing sources are unavailable or have been exhausted. Some borrowers also pursue Arizona hard money loans when their financing needs are urgent and conventional financing sources cannot respond in time.

Types of Hard Money Loans

  • Fix & flip loans
  • Construction loans (residential and commercial)
  • Bridge loans
  • Arizona land banking
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Land acquisition and development
  • Land loan
  • Joint venture
  • Foreclosure auction loans
  • Pre-foreclosure financing
  • Commercial office and retail
  • Apartment loans
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Underwriting Practices

  • Common-sense underwriting
  • Rapid approvals/rapid closing
  • Guaranteed on-time funding
  • LLC, corporations, partnerships OK non-recourse
  • No credit, no appraisal, no loan committee

Underwriting Practices

  • Rates vary from 12%-18%
  • Additional interest or origination points may vary from $700 to 4% of the loan amount
  • Depending on the project, terms range from 3-24 months
  • Loan to value (LTV) can be up to 80%